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Do a lot of work October 3, 2011

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My friend Alan posted this quote on Facebook to DCUfm members just starting out, and it sort of resonated with me, especially since last night I sent off my lengthly application for the much sought after This American Life internship (Ira Glass, who the quote is attributed, is the host of This American Life).

So from now on, I vow not let a day go buy without doing some sort of ‘creative work’. I feel like I’m doing alright so far. I had the good fortune of having to churn out a lot of creative projects in college, but I can’t lose this advantage.

I’m back in Dublin now, and tomorrow I start a new internship, but if you want to do something with me in our spare time; a video, a script, a podcast or a painting, and you feel we have similar taste, let me know. Because something I’ve learned, independent of Ira Glass, is that it’s a lot easier to motivate each other as part of a group, than to do it alone.





When Stephen’s Green is closed May 22, 2010

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…It’s closed. Don’t try and climb over the railings. The lower spikes are surprisingly sharp and they will though through your runners and into your foot leaving you on crutches for a few days, unable to do anything except watch episode after episode of The Sopranos, which is good, but not The Wire.

Raw January 12, 2010

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Raw is back!

What’s Raw?
It’s an RTÉ drama series set in a Dublin restaurant, and the first series was class. It was all sexy and cosmopolitan , and showed Dublin as a cool modern place with loads of nationalities and sooo many accents, the sexiest of which belonged to JoJo, played by Charlene McKenna, the little minx.

JoJo, played by Charlene McKenna

It’s was all about this restaurant called Raw, and the staff that work there.  And the mischief they got up to, and the fights they had.  Talking from experience, things can get really heated in a kitchen environment, and it’s all very exciting and a great premise for a TV show.

Series Two started last night, since we’ve left the restaurant, it’s gone out of business and poor JoJo is working in that shop that sells loads of Crosshatch in the Ilac centre with the creaky floors. But low and behold, mysterious woman comes and saves the day, she wants to open up Raw again and bring back all the old staff.

Except mysterious woman is shit. She’s some auld wan the The Clinic who doesn’t fit into Raw at all. Get away from Raw you terrible actress. Anyway, as happy as I am to see JoJo and Geoff and Pavel and Tiny back, I’m not liking the new cast.

In fact the first episode is all a bit serious.  Problems with the lease this, problems with the ex-wife that. They better start bringing back some of the craic of the first series soon.

Like this:

And before you guys start harping on about it doesn’t deal with the big issues like the Wire does, I know. But I’m not sure whether or not I agree that it needs too. Nothing wrong with a bit of fun.

Dan & Becs 3 September 14, 2009

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Tonight on RTÉ starts a new series ‘Sarah & Steve’, from the makers of the sidesplitting ‘Dan & Becs’. Much like Skins, David Coffey has done all that can be done with the old characters and brought in a new pair.

The original Dan & Becs (which can now be seen in full on youtube) focused on the relationship between two Southside, Ross O’Carroll Kelly type characters. It took the video diaries of two people and cut them together. The new show does the same, but with two characters from Tallaght (a Northside area in everything but geography).

Sneak peak:

I’m not sure about a lot of things. The acting for one, but also I thought the main source of lols in Dan & Becs was the character’s sense of self importance. The new characters don’t seem to have that. But on a bigger scale, it comes across like Coffey and co are just recycling their one lucky idea.

Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong.

Tonight (Monday) at 10.50pm on RTÉ2

Also… OMG GG Season 3 is airing tonight across the pond.

Does this ring a bell? September 14, 2009

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For weeks I’ve been faffing on about dublinbikes to anyone who would listen. The new bike sharing scheme, similar to those found in Brussels, Vienna and Paris was rolled out today in Dublin city centre and I just couldn’t wait to get my grubby hands on a “db” and fly around the city.

Armed with my annual card (€10) and high hopes, I got on my own bike and flew into town to cycle another bike.

I arrived at Cathal Brugha Street station, (which I located with the Dublinbikes App), locked up my Raleigh Resonator Pro and marched up the the db machine. A few seconds later, I picked a bike from stand no. 5 and off I pedaled.

As I whizzed up Kildare Street on my robust bicycle, fully equipped with three gears, adjustable saddle, backlight, basket and a BELL(!), I gave Leinster house a thumps up and said “Good lads”.

But will it last? Well only people who have registered their credit card deets can take a spin, and they look well secured to the stands, with magnets and science and that. Although they are still vulnerable to little dicks with hurley sticks.

My FREE 30 mins was coming to an end, so I stopped on Exchequer Street. I wanted to see I could just return a bike and take another one out right away for another FREE half an hour. Turns out I couldn’t. I was a little pissed off about this, because it meant I had to walk back across town, BUT along the way, I tried again and it turns out you only have to wait around 10 mins and off ya go again. Delighted!

Flaws? A few incey tincey teeny weeny ones. For instance the lock supplied with the bike could be a bit longer. Not a big dealio.

Overall, I’m impressed. I wish I could buy people subscriptions as presents, but I can’t so you’re all going to have to do it yourselves.

On yer bike!

[Image: Dublin City Council]