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BICS April 25, 2011

Posted by lil D in MPS.
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If you’ve met me at all over the last 8 months, you’ll know that this year, I have been the chairperson of the DCU Media Production Society. It has consumed me, and I’ve loved every minute of it.
The cherry on top is that MPS was crowned Best Society in DCU, and most recently, Best Society at the BICS National Society Awards.
A nice finish to a wonderful year with some amazing people.


J2 April 25, 2011

Posted by lil D in J1.
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I’m planning to go on my second J1 visa (get it?) in June, this time to NYC. I’m planning on living with an American friend, who I worked with in SF. Haven’t got anything past that organised, but as much as I loved my Berkeley frat-summer, I’m envisioning something different this time round. Less drinking in the mornings and sleeping on floors with 5 others. More cool international friends and perhaps a cheeky internship. Of course if none of this works out, it will still be better than wasting a summer working as a waiter in Dublin. It’s weird though, most of the companies I’ve been applying to have never even heard of MPS.