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The Best Podcasts on iTunes September 14, 2010

Posted by lil D in cycling.
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Don’t get me wrong, I love music, but sometimes you’re not in the mood. Plus, with so much free quality audio goodness out there, only a fool wouldn’t listen to podcasts. I’m dying to know which ones you listen to. Meanwhile, here’s a few of my favourites from around the world.

The Hamish & Andy Show Podcast
The Hamish & Andy Show Podcast is an abridged version of a live daily radio show that goes out every week day all over Australia. Hamish & Andy have been described as an Australian Ant & Dec, but I would have to disagree. I can actually listen to these guys for more than 5 minutes. In fact, I’ve listened to almost every podcast of theirs for the last five years. Fairly mild-mannered, rarely controversial and never political the beauty of this show is the extent they push the medium of radio. They frequently invent refreshingly fun and ridiculous segments such as “if you’re single and you know it pat your head” in which they invite single listeners all over Australia to pat their heads while in their cars. If they spot another person doing the same, they must pull over, exchange numbers and arrange to go on a date. They also make trivial observations on day to day life, skits with high profile guests (Brian McFadden is a good friend of the show) but the best thing about this podcast is Hamish Blake’s amazing quick wittiness. Check out a video of him in action on an entirely unrelated improv sketch show.

The Bugle
The Bugle is presented in an audio newspaper format, with a top story, features section, sports and more every week. The podcast sees Andy Zoltzman based in London, and John Oliver, an Englishman based in New York joined by telephone to present a satirical spin on the events of the week past. If anything, this podcast keeps me up to date on world events, once I read past the bullshit. Fans of puns, Hugo Chavez, and reducing world politics to the level of smack talk will love this podcast.

Creative Screenwriting
This podcast, from the same people who produce Creative Screenwriting magazine, sees the Senior Editor of the magazine hold intimate interviews with successful screenwriters in front of a live audience. The weekly podcast reveals how the script for this weeks big release came about and offers a rare insight into the struggles and difficulties faced by top writers in Hollywood. I’ve only listened to selected podcasts (I try only to listen to the ones about films I’ve seen already) but they’ve really opened up my eyes to the movie industry and I see films in a completely different way now. A highlight was the 2 hour interview with the writers of Lost. The sound quality is a bit rough and the host can be annoying at times, but all in all this podcast is invaluable for anyone considering a career in film.

The Peacock & Gamble Podcast
This podcast is seriously a lol a minute. I’m not sure where to begin in describing it. Often offensive, non-PC, dark humour at it’s best. Veteran comedian Ray Peacock and newbie Ed Gamble get together and talk about everything. From inviting any little girl listeners to take off their knickers and sit on Ray’s lap (see the show is for grown-ups and they shouldn’t be listening anyway, so they can’t tell!), to Ed’s amazing births, where we fly around the country poking fun at disgusting and often sad birthing horror stories. This podcast pushes limits. They record for hours and hours from Ray’s house and cut it down to 30 mins of pure gold. But if this is the stuff they leave in, I’d hate to hear the stuff they deem too bad to leave it. Or would I?

The Onion News Network (video podcast)
Sorry guys but this one is just for us owners of iPhones or whatever video player you’re having yourself. Speaks for itself. Automatic free downloads of the Onion’s latest offering. For anyone unfamiliar with the Onion, it’s America’s finest satirical news network. Bookmark theonion.com for frequent laughs. Here’s a personal favorite: