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No you’re not that far August 23, 2010

Posted by lil D in cycling, J1.
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A mishearing of San Francisco Zoo as Santa Cruz spawned the idea to cycle all the way from San Francisco.

We turned to The Thrills for some guidance and found that it was do-able. In reality, it wasn’t as easy as they make it out to be. Especially on a $50 vintage bike picked up at a flea market. Unforeseen difficulties were encountered.

We first ended up cycling on a big scary busy freeway and kept being beeped at and told to get off the road, so we did.
Gavin’s bike fell to pieces, hr had to go back so we were then three.
Handlebars acting up which meant no speeding down hills.
Hills. A lot of hills.

20 miles to go and a flat tire. Luckily we were passing through a town, so I bought a funny looking puncture repair kit. Crazy Americans, stab a big hole in my wheel and plug it with a rubber thingy? Okay America, your tyre, your rules. Uh oh. This is for motorbikes, and now I’ve made a huge hole in my tube. A helping hand from some very generous Canadian passer bys didn’t help much. Lots of duct tape later and my back wheel is still as flat as Kiera Knightly. 20 miles of cycling with a flat tire in the pitch dark was the least fun bit of the trip.

Anyway, 12 hours later I’m here. Sleep time. Great day despite the difficulties. Great views down the pacific coast. And a sense of achievement I haven’t felt since… winning a bike in a colour g competition in 6th class.

Surfing in the morning. X