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I work in RAW June 19, 2010

Posted by lil D in J1, stories.

I have more updates to share about the J1 but this happened today and I’m super delirah so it’s getting put ahead of all the other sca…


In a little artisan burger restaurant called Roam in the most loveliest area of San Francisco.

Here’s why I like it:

  • The people I work with are immeasurably cool.
  • It hasn’t even OPENED yet! It’s open for business officially on Monday, so everything is in the place is new and working. People don’t have their own old habits stretching back years, procedures are being made while I’m there. Everything is so exciting and happening. Yesterday the Zagat people called by and tonight is the opening party for the whole neighbourhood.
  • It’s really small and in a nice place and everyone working there is pretty young and it makes me feel like I’m a character in Raw.
  • It even sounds kinda like Raw.
  • The food is delish. It’s all traditionally made, from 100 grass-fed cattle to homemade sodas and milkshakes.
  • Making homemade sodas and milkshakes is so fun.
  • I like my uniform.
  • They pay me money!

So happy out. More updates to come




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