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Something funny happened to my friend eikcaJ yesterday. May 28, 2010

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He/she won’t like me post this but I have 19 minutes until my chicken is cooked (I’ll keep it anonymous)…

So I call into my friend who was hired by the Helix to paint a load of art on the windows for an upcoming show ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. The Helix do this a lot, so that when you look at the windows from the outside you can read all about their gigs.
And we’re chatting away.
Summer plans this.
Going out tonight that, while she’s painting away, a couple of clouds and birds and stuff.

And upstairs, there’s an exhibition of all the DCU Multimedia projects. I head up for 20 minutes.
Great stuff.
Some scarily good projects.

And I walk downstairs again and our hero is now painting the tag-line of the play, ‘Things are going to get a bit CRAZY around here’ of the next window over.
I call his/her name.
I give him/her a look.
He\she turns around.
Yup… she wrote it so that it’s facing in, reading “ereh dnuora YZARC tib a teg ot gniog era sgnihT” to the luaging group of boys outside.

I had to clean it off ’cause she was embarrassed tha fuck.


When Stephen’s Green is closed May 22, 2010

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…It’s closed. Don’t try and climb over the railings. The lower spikes are surprisingly sharp and they will though through your runners and into your foot leaving you on crutches for a few days, unable to do anything except watch episode after episode of The Sopranos, which is good, but not The Wire.

Summer plans May 11, 2010

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Move home.

Fly. Fly. Fly away.

Cycle around San Francisco.

Find a gaff.

Find a job.

Make new friends. Go to the beach. Be creative. Go on trips. Go swimming. Go drinking. Go courting. Go sightseeing. Feel homesick. Snap out of it. Meet Barack Obama. Tell him “My name is Hayes, and I am not a terrorist’

Go to New York.

Go home.

Shit blog May 11, 2010

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I’ve made the mistake of leaving too long in between my blog updates, to the extend that I know won’t blog unless something big warrants its own post.

This stops now. Here’s a small update. Two little thoughts.

Yesterday I had an assignment due. To write a screenplay. I did it in a day. The thought of writing a short screenplay in a day would have been ridiculous if I didn’t HAVE to do it. Lesson? Set myself more deadlines.


WHAT? WHAT IS THIS? WILL THERE BE TWO PRIME MINISTERS? Chill the fuck out Britain. Coalitions aren’t that complicated.