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And the winner is… April 7, 2010

Posted by lil D in college.

Awards and election. Maybe I need to get friends outside of DCU, but it’s all anyone is talking about these days.

Elections first.

DCU Student’s Union elections are happening this week. It’s been marred with a whole load of controversy, which is all very entertaining.  I’ve been manning the polling stations, which sounds boring, but is actually the most craic ever, especially since Eoin O’Sullivan and all the other electorial committee type people are so hilarious. It also means I have to remain impartial until it’s all over. So no more of that. Can’t waaait for the count. Follow the whole thing over on DCUfm.

On the theme of elections, let’s talk about the MPS AGM. I’d like to use this opportunity to announce to my loyal blog readers that I’ve been elected chairperson of the DCU Media Production Society. Elected is a strong word here, since I ran unopposed, but I’m still happy. Happy and nervous. Happy and nervous and excited. It’s an awful lot of work. The current chair Paul Carr is a god. He’s very focussed and likable and on top of things. I need to learn to be like that before I take over. I’ve got very ambitious plans, which I’ll be sharing at a later date. Stay tuned. And congratulations to all the committee-elect!


There are so many awards going on around the place. Last week, the Helix saw the annual Clubs and Society Awards where MPS won Most Improved Society! This is absolutely the most deserving winner of a prize ever. It’s class this year. DCUfm broadcasting QUALITY shtuff 24/7. DCUtv News every week as well as a whole load of other DCUtv shtuff. Year highlights (for me anyway) were Club and Society Fortunes, Berlin and our beloved Room Raiders (still a work in progress). Double win for MPS as http://www.dcufm.com won best website. Happy days and a GREAT night in the Helix. Love DCU.

So since we won at the Clubs and Socs Awards, MPS will now go on to represent DCU at the BICS! And I’m not talking about the British Institute of Cleaning Science, no sir-ry. I mean the Board of Irish College Societies! This is held in the Hudson Bay Hotel in Athlone, where we will battle it out with other college socs from around the country for ‘Most Improved Society in Ireland’, which would be jut lovely. Unfortunately, this falls on a big date in the MPS calendar, and although a decision has been made for me to attend the BICS, I’d love to be in two places at one so I could attend the…

DCU Wide Media Awards

The Hybrid Awards


The DCU Wide Media Awards, hosted of course by MPS. You may have noticed that the logo has come on a considerable amount, since I’ve posted last. (You may also notice that a considerable amount of time has passed since I last posted).  I’ve entered two of my posters into the Hybrids so fingers crossed! It’s shaping up to be a fantastic night. Some savage judges are confirmed. Set design is set. Prizes. Music. Press Area. I’m actually raging I won’t be there. I urge you to attend and represent me, my dear blog-readers!

Finally, congratulations to everyone I know nominated for the Smedias! I believe Steve and Nessy are nominated for best blog. Big up for Denis, Alan, Jass Foley and everyone involved in DCUtv!

In other news, if you see me in the next few days, expect me to be whining about how I don’t know what to do for the summer. OR if you’re doing something cool/affordable for the summer months and would like some company, hit me up!


lil D



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