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I Love Winning Competitions January 19, 2010

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It happened again!

There I was, still in bed at 1.30pm (for you see, I was working late the night before). I arose from my slumber and turn on the radio, and after this energy-zapping task, climbed right back under my duvet.

“Do you like Jamie Cullum?”, said Rick O’Shea
“Yes” said my inner monologue.

I then text in the answer to a qualifying question, along with my name, where I was from and a little spiel about how much I love Jamie Cullum to 2fm.

The question was: “What is the name of Jamie Cullum’s third studio album released in 2003?”
The answer was “Twentysomething”

I then went back to sleep.

Ring Ring.

“Hi Diarmuid, it’s 2fm. You’re cool to go on the air and answer a few Jamie Cullum questions to win a prize?”
“Hi 2fm. That’s fine”

I jumped out of bed and went straight to the Wikipedia entry on Jamie Cullum. I studied harder than I have been studying for my upcoming exam. Did you know Jamie Cullum recently married Sophie Dahl? (grand-daughter of Roald) Or that he plays piano, guitar and drums? No? Well now you do.

Ring Ring.

“Hi Diarmuid. It’s 2fm again. We’re going to put you on after this song”
“Hi 2fm, that’s fine”

The next thing you know I’m on the radio chatting to Rick O’Shea. Rick was quick to point out that I sounded sleepy and he wished me luck in my exam on Wednesday, which was nice. But what wasn’t nice was that in order to win the prize, I didn’t have to answer Jamie Cullum related question, but rather play a much more difficult game entitles “Jamie or not Jamie?”. In this game I was played three pieces of music and had to identify whether or not it was a piece from a Jamie Cullum track. In order to win, I was required to identify two out of the three pieces correctly. I did not panic because Jamie Cullum’s voice is quite distinct, and all I’d have to do was hear a line or two of singing and it would be easy.

There was no singing.

I was played a short bit of jazzy piano. No lyrics. Just music.

“Jamie or not Jamie?
“Well Rick. It sounds like something he might play, but I’ve never heard it before. I’m going to say not Jamie”
“Yvonne is giving me the thumbs up. Well done Diarmuid. One out of one. Here’s the second piece.”

La La La. Piano Piano Piano. Jazzy Jazzy Jazz.

“Correct! We didn’t even need to play the third! Congratualtions!”
“Thank you Rick O’Shea”

And as much as I loved being on the radio and showing off my knowledge of Jamie Cullum’s music to the country, that was not the best part. No no. The best part, naturally, is the prize.

My prize consists of:

  • Two tickets to see Jamie Cullum live at the Olympia in May.
  • A signed copy of Jamie Cullum’s new album (I have this album already in digital form, but it’s still a nice thing to have)
  • and finally

  • A private audience with Jamie Cullum, the same day as his concert in the Olympia, in the Westbury Hotel with a champagne reception for myself and a friend. A real money-can’t-buy prize.

In a discussion with my aunty on the phone today, she pointed out that I always seem to land on my feet.

“It’s better to be born lucky than to be born rich”, she said.


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