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Semester 1 review January 12, 2010

Posted by lil D in college.

It’s been so long since I logged into this that I forgot my password. But I have it now so let’s get on with it.

I’m going to write up a little review of my first semester this year. Perhaps some people might come across it and find it useful for choosing modules and the like, but I’m mainly doing it for myself. Blogging makes things clearer for me.

So what modules did you take lil D? And could you give us a little comment on how you found it?

Social History and Television Drama

Well if it isn’t the most fantastic class I’ve ever been in. Probably my favourite. I have a fair interest in television drama and it’s one of the areas I’d love to work in once I graduate, so of course I was going too enjoy this module. This said, it has exceeded any expectations I had.
The lecturer Sheamus Sweeney is definitely the most impressive member of teaching staff I’ve come across in DCU. So professional and well prepared, intelligent and passionate. I wish he taught every subject.
An idea that he explained in class and one that really hit home with me is the idea that a TV drama should aim to engage or change the society around it.

“Art which adds nothing to the experience of the public,
which leaves it as it found it, which wants to do no more
than flatter rude instincts and confirm unripe or overripe
opinions – such Art is worth nothing.”
Bertolt Brecht

We’ve looked at dramas like Mad Men, Strumpet City, A Very British Coup and have been introduced to The Wire (of which I’m currently in the middle of season 2)

Oh la la. A risky move. Having not done a tap of French since 6th year, I said I’d give it a go. A second language is an amazing thing to have, I know this. But it’s so hard. It’s not not other modules when you can miss a lecture here and there and then just cram when it comes to assignment time. You have to commit yourself. I haven’t. I don’t know if I’ll pass this semester or whether I’ll keep it on next semester. My heart says yes, but my fear of failure says Non. Module-wise, the lecturer is great and is really on top of things, and it’s completly down to me if I’ve messed it up.

Media Studies

Fuck off you waste of a woman. Unfortunetly this module is compulsory. She refuses rightout to use moodle for copyright reasons (?) and enfuriates everyone with her lack of respect for her students. She will casually walk out of class for a while with no explanation, cancel lectures and make no attempt to put them on another time. She holds the lecture in a room far too small for the amount of students registered for the module, but after time, this ceased to be a problem since people copped on and stopped wasting their time coming. I like to think I get art, and that I can appreciate good photgraphy, or good cineography, but the shit she shows us in class, I can’t stand, nor have I found anyone else in the class who agrees.

Research Methods
Contrary to what the majority of my class feel, I don’t think this is that bad. We chose to do our on how an irish audience relates to the Wire. i kinda wish we had chosen something a little better, something you can get your teeth stuck into. The lecturer is a little out of touch with the class, but over-all the module is ran fairly well. anyway, it doesn’t matter, since this module is compulsory for CS students. A Lot of group work. Pick your group members and project titles verrry carefully. My group was savage by the way.

Video Production
A very slow moving module. Also a drop in the standard of the lecturer, when you’d imagine it should be an improvement. It’s like, I wouldn’t have down any other production module. Video is what I want to do above Radio and Photography, but I just wished video was run better. There’s a bit too much focus on big assignments, and not enough on the little weekly tasks. That said you are given a lot of freedom with regards to your projects, which is good. I was very lucky to be in a great group for this too. Super motivated folks the lot of them, and we’ll be finished way before the deadline. Hoping this module will pick up a bit next semester. We have a new lecturer who I’ve only heard good things about.

I can’t wait for semester 2.



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