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Raw January 12, 2010

Posted by lil D in dublin, tv.

Raw is back!

What’s Raw?
It’s an RTÉ drama series set in a Dublin restaurant, and the first series was class. It was all sexy and cosmopolitan , and showed Dublin as a cool modern place with loads of nationalities and sooo many accents, the sexiest of which belonged to JoJo, played by Charlene McKenna, the little minx.

JoJo, played by Charlene McKenna

It’s was all about this restaurant called Raw, and the staff that work there.  And the mischief they got up to, and the fights they had.  Talking from experience, things can get really heated in a kitchen environment, and it’s all very exciting and a great premise for a TV show.

Series Two started last night, since we’ve left the restaurant, it’s gone out of business and poor JoJo is working in that shop that sells loads of Crosshatch in the Ilac centre with the creaky floors. But low and behold, mysterious woman comes and saves the day, she wants to open up Raw again and bring back all the old staff.

Except mysterious woman is shit. She’s some auld wan the The Clinic who doesn’t fit into Raw at all. Get away from Raw you terrible actress. Anyway, as happy as I am to see JoJo and Geoff and Pavel and Tiny back, I’m not liking the new cast.

In fact the first episode is all a bit serious.  Problems with the lease this, problems with the ex-wife that. They better start bringing back some of the craic of the first series soon.

Like this:

And before you guys start harping on about it doesn’t deal with the big issues like the Wire does, I know. But I’m not sure whether or not I agree that it needs too. Nothing wrong with a bit of fun.



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