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Sorry, I’m Not Interested November 7, 2009

Posted by lil D in tv.
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The deadline for entries for RTÉ’s web drama series competition Storyland 2 closed last Sunday at midnight and I got in by the skin of my smiling teeth, dropping off my submission at 11 p.m. (props to Dad for the lift to Donneybrook).

I’m littleD-lighted that everything got finished on time, and thanks must go to Cara, Enda, Foxxy, Tikka and Pops for helping me along the way. It was a pretty big achievement getting two scripts written, and a promo made in two weeks (plus 70% of the work was done on the final weekend), on top of the budget, marketing plan, and series outline.

It’s out of my hands now. Everything has been sent in to RTÉ, and all I can do now is wait. Heaven knows it’s a long shot, especially considering that this is not a student video competition, and among the other entries are established production companies (including the people who produced The Apprentice). But I feel that what these entries have in production quality, they lack in substance. The storylines and the scripts of last years finalists (with a few notable exceptions) were just awful.

So the show, what’s it all about?

The show follows Jack, a recent Communications graduate who is finding it hard to find a job in media. He applies for a job under the Sales/Marketing section of jobz4u.ie, and next thing you know he’s a door-to-door salesman. In this job, he calls around to houses, trying oh so hard to sign people up to high-speed broadband. We also meet his ego-tastic boss Conor, his mentor Páidí, his rival Darren and Angry Mike.

Here’s our 30 second promo video:

I’ve also gathered links to other promo videos I’ve found on youtube.


Extremely well done. Production company behind this one. Unoriginal idea, It’s True Blood. This is an example of the “Good Production. No substance” I was talking about earlier.


Made by the same people who made Mariana. Looks like it has potential.


Another student production from Cork. I like this one. It didn’t exactly make me laugh, but maybe that’s because I’m looking at it from a cynical “Oh shit, it better not be better than mine” point of view.

My Dublin Style Blog 2

Sorry, I don’t think you get the idea competition. Fair play for sticking to 30 seconds tho. A rule I also kept to, but now in hindsight, I don’t think RTE would have disqualified me for making it longer, and the promo did suffer a lot because of the time limit.


Maybe this promo works if you’ve read the script. A drama about a guy sitting at a computer doesn’t appeal to me. But there have been stranger TV shows..