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My Big Storyland plan October 19, 2009

Posted by lil D in tv.
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Keen readers of my blog (lol) will remember me singing the praises of Hardy Bucks, a very very funny online mini-series. The show came to the attention of the masses through a pilot initiative run by RTÉ, Storyland, where the public service broadcaster called out to fresh talent to get involved in RTÉ drama. The idea was to commission the first episode of 10 different shows, and to let the public vote and decide which show deserved the funding to create the next episode in the series. I personally think it’s a great idea and credit where credit is due to RTÉ, who claim that they are the first broadcaster to do something like this.


The good news is that after the success of Storyland, the big shots in RTÉ have given the go-ahead for Storyland 2, with minor improvements:

  • There will 6 series commissioned instead of the 10 last year.
  • Each series will be commissioned to make two episodes (people must have felt that one episode wasn’t enough to draw people in.)
  • Gaps between episodes will be shorter (I hope it gets a regular time. Imagine every Friday at 8pm all around Ireland is Storyland time?)
  • There will be a discussion forum on the website.

If you’re proper interested, there’s a three-part video explaining it all here.

If you’re getting bored, I’ll cut to the chase…

I have an idea. I want to enter.

With the exception of Hardy Bucks, I feel I could write a better drama mini-series that appeals to the 18+ audience that last years applicants. I know it’s a big claim, and that it would be very cheeky for a full-time student to go into a competition with a load of production companies and experienced writers, but they’re doing it wrong!

The deadline is fast approaching, and I need two scripts and a marketing plan and a director/producer/crew by November 1st. I’ve got nothing. This isn’t looking good like…

So why the fuck am I telling you guys? If you’re destined to fail, why publicise it? Because now that it’s publicised, I don’t wanna look like an idiot. If you guys are expecting me to do it, it puts pressure on me. And I only work under pressure.

Every time you see me, I want you to ask me how the writing is going (“writing”, I feel like a ponce).

AND if you’re intrigued and want to be a part of this, I’m all ears.

You have to start somewhere. Fuck YouTube, I’m starting with RTÉ.


Busy busy busy October 2, 2009

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I know a lot of people won’t be too interested in this post, which will take a diary entry style composition, but I’d like to blog about it anyway. Here’s what’s been going on in little d’s life recently:


I now have four jobs.

Job number one I’ve had for three years now and it’s not much. Every match day in Croke Park, I scan tickets. Monotonous, but i get to watch the games after. The GAA season is over now, so there won’t be much work there till next summer, with exception to the odd soccer or rugby match.

Also, I’ve been working as a waiter in a hotel on the Southside for a year now. Again, shifts has been getting more and more rare due to some yoke called ‘the recession’. I’m lucky now to get even a single four hour shift a week. Which is a pity, because I really like working there.

Job number three is a job as a DCU Student Ambassador. Sounds awful fancy. I’m one of 15 or so friendly faces that DCU send out to careers fairs, secondary school etc to talk about our experience as a student in DCU in a way that might entice them to put DCU on their CAO form. We also chat to prospective students/parents/teachers at the open days and bring them on campus tours  I haven’t started yet, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot of fun.

My last job which I started at last Monday is in the nuBAR in DCU. Now under new management, the nuBAR has got off to a good start. The answer was simple. Selling cans at low prices. So far I’m really enjoying it. I like the people I’m working with and the nuBAR would be a place I would have spent a lot of time anyway, so I may as well be getting paid for it. That said, Wednesday night was the DCU Fresher’s Ball, and the management, under the impression that I had a lot of bar work under my belt, placed me behind the busiest bar at peak time. It was all fairly hectic and the pressure got to me a few times, but I coped alright overall. I can’t wait for more quiet nights when there’s a crowd, not too big, where I can have chats with people between the odd order.

At times I think I should give one of these jobs up, but the problem is that none of them offer steady work, where I can be sure there will be shifts available for me. I’m sure that some weeks there will be no work in any of these places, and then another week, all four might ask me to work. I’ll figure it out as I go along.


Last year I was elected to the position of Public Relations Officer for DCU’s Media Production Society. It was a position I was, and still am, very enthusiastic about. I think that MPS has a lot of potential and has not been as active in recent years as it should be. This is the same society that produced Six Semesters, Ireland’s first student feature length film. Unfortunately, in my first week back at college, I haven’t been able to allocate much time to MPS, and in fact, missed a committee meeting. This is something I’m set on fixing for the rest of the year. Here are some unfinished posters for Clubs and Socs week that I have to touch up and get printed tomorrow, complete with spelling mistakes and other things I’m unhappy with.

Class Rep

I’ve decided to run again this year, on top of everything else. I really enjoyed doing it last year. Union Council, class rep parties, organising class parties organising and the Amsterdam trip. First of all I have to get elected. Although, to date, I’ve only heard of two others who are definitely going for it (and there are three positions), so I should be sorted. Can’t wait for the first class party.


Actual college, like lectures and stuff? I should go to them. Bad start. Missed three already. Can’t be doing that.

I love competitions

On an unrelated note, I was browsing blogs recently and came upon a competition on Venntertainment.com, which was to photoshop the Toyota iQ into funny places. I went with the Kanye meme which was doing the rounds at the time and Rob, the blogger in question, kindly rewarded me with an iTunes voucher for 50 yoyos. Thanks Rob.

Suggestions on any new tunes I can cash it in for are more than welcome.

Later skaters