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Fightin, drinkin, shmokin September 20, 2009

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It seems everywhere I go now, I overhear people quoting Hardy Bucks. I can’t control myself. I always feel the urge to join in; quoting, and quoting. ‘Your auld lady’s got worms!’ they’d say. ‘Ah you’re only a feckwanker’ I’d reply, and a wonderful friendship would begin.

I realise that most people would have discovered Hardy Bucks by now, but for those who haven’t, allow me to introduce you to the finest comedy to come out of the West of Ireland since Father Ted.

Packed with genius one-liners, the online mini-series takes the form of a ‘mockumentary’, which follows Eddie and Buzz around Castletown, Co. Mayo. The show was originally made for RTÉ’s online video competition Storyland, of which Hardy Bucks was the eventual winner, but the show has grown much bigger and amassed a massive web following, with almost 1,000,00 hits of youtubey goodness.

Now there is talk of Hardy Bucks getting it’s own proper television show. Unfortunately RTÉ have been cutting out a lot of the funnier material for the competition, which has sparked rumours that Channel 4 might take on the Bucks instead, much like Father Ted before them.

Thankfully, the full episodes can be seen on their youtube page, and to start you off here’s episode one:



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[…] in tv. trackback Keen readers of my blog (lol) will remember me singing the praises of Hardy Bucks, a very very funny online mini-series. The show came to the attention of the masses through a pilot […]

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