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Dan & Becs 3 September 14, 2009

Posted by lil D in dublin, tv.

Tonight on RTÉ starts a new series ‘Sarah & Steve’, from the makers of the sidesplitting ‘Dan & Becs’. Much like Skins, David Coffey has done all that can be done with the old characters and brought in a new pair.

The original Dan & Becs (which can now be seen in full on youtube) focused on the relationship between two Southside, Ross O’Carroll Kelly type characters. It took the video diaries of two people and cut them together. The new show does the same, but with two characters from Tallaght (a Northside area in everything but geography).

Sneak peak:

I’m not sure about a lot of things. The acting for one, but also I thought the main source of lols in Dan & Becs was the character’s sense of self importance. The new characters don’t seem to have that. But on a bigger scale, it comes across like Coffey and co are just recycling their one lucky idea.

Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong.

Tonight (Monday) at 10.50pm on RTÉ2

Also… OMG GG Season 3 is airing tonight across the pond.


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